ECoC Neighbours' Day

Post here a brief description of the project you presented at the ECoC Neighbours’ Day in Leeuwarden and interact with peers to get feedback and generate possible collaborations!

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My project consist of building floating houses so that people can decide where they want to live anytime and can move everyday in a different city.
Houses will be able to fly thanks to a modern eco-sustainable engine built with the help of active citizens of my community.

Any feedback or proposal for collaboration is welcome!

Francesco Caldarola

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Hi guys

I`m Eustachio (Uccio) Santochirico and tomorrow I will go in Holland for this project with the Mt-Basilicata2019 fondation and other two community Project.

I will tell about (Progetto Policoro) Policoro Project .It is a community project (national and diocesan) concerns an I path of initiatives of accompaniment and support for the work of young people in the world of work.
I am really honored to participate in Leeuwarden (European capital of culture 2018) and represent our territory.

For our city !


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